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What Our CSPs Are Saying About KMG

Donna R

***KMG to the rescue***
Just a reminder to all of us, i.e., the CSP'S that service clients via KMG Professional Services....
There was a rather large technical faux pas with SOW'S for a particular client last night at the stroke of midnight....
Short of getting up in the middle of the night and getting the issue in line, Kristina was able to get the issue the immediate attention and resolution it deserved within hours of being notified.
I'm pretty sure when Kristina created KMG Professional Services, she selected the name. She has proven to me, and I am sure to many others, time and again, that the name chose her.
☆☆☆How lucky we are to have a business owner who really puts forth every effort to make it possible for us to service!!!☆☆☆
Let's all give Kristina M Giunta a round of applause for another job well done!
Thank you Kristina for your efforts and the benefits that go along with being with a Premier Partner at Arise.

Spread the word. I've heard (from outside CSP's...no names mentioned) that there are IBO'S that don't respond to their CSP'S needs. Having worked with Kristina in a "brick and mortar" I already know what she's capable of. This incident doesn't surprise me, it encourages me. :-)

Oh...and please don't forget to vote for the KMG video!!